*This item is out of stock BUT can most likely be re-created. Please email me to confirm and I can provide a timeframe for sourcing the materials, sdotjewelrydesigns@gmail.comThank you! *


Your choice of (left to right in first picture): 

1. teal w/ 3 gold square beads

2. teal w/ gold chunk 

3. iridescent w/ 3 gold square beads

4. iridescent w/ gold chunk

5. peach w/ 3 gold square beads

6. peach w/ gold chunk

7. mixed colors


Stretch bracelets are made on industrial elastic and meant to stack and last. I try to make them for "average" sized wrists, but please let me know if you have smaller or bigger wrists and I can usually adjust them! 

Mini Crystal Beaded Bracelets

Which Bracelet?
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